Photovoltaic systems (PV plants) generate electricity efficiently and on a long-term basis.

In order for the plants to work in an efficient, lasting and safe manner, they must be built by trained professionals and using quality materials.

Regular inspections are essential.

Would you like to build a PV system?

If you are planning a PV system and you need to know with maximum precision how much electricity you are going to generate, we analyze the…

Does your PV system not perform as it should?

To ensure optimal performance and safe operation, PV plants must be monitored for 24 hours. The system must immediately recognise any incident with…

Are the guarantees of the installation about to expire?

Are the guarantees of the installation or of the equipment manufacturers about to expire and you are in need conclusive claims in order to demand your rights?

Would you like to buy or sell a PV system?

To know the real economic value of the Photovoltaic system (PV plant), you will need to determine future yields. To achieve this, yields must be predictable…

Photovalía Solar Services is an independent service provider. We generate technical and economical expert reports for new or already exisiting photovoltaic plants. Our clients include any natural or legal person such as owners, stakeholders, banks or insurance companies.

Photovalía Solar Services reviews and evaluates technically and / or economically your PV plant. Our experts analyse your PV system during its planning, execution or whilst in operation. Specialists detect faults and propose constructive solutions. We evaluate the revenue, costs, risks and other factors that influence the technical or economic viability of your PV plant. We deliver professionally prepared, independent and conclusive reports.

Our team of experts consists of professionals, with prestigious degrees and certifications such as the TÜV Rheinland, with wide national and international experience.

your independent, efficient and reliable technology partner.

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